On the dynamics of workforce-mix in a manpower system

  • VU Ekhosuehi University of Benin


This paper focuses on a manpower system with a fixed number of jobs that uses both permanent and temporary staff. The dynamics of workforce-mix in such a system is modelled as an optimal control problem. The objective is to find the most economical workforce-mix for the manpower system, subject to the fluctuations in workforce caused by wastage and the hiring of temporary staff. The fluctuations in the workforce-mix are modelled using a model similar to the Vidale-Wolfe advertising model. The solution is found by applying Pontryagin's principle, and a number of resulting propositions are presented along with their proofs. A real-life manpower setting is used to illustrate the utility of the model.


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VU Ekhosuehi, University of Benin
Mathematics, Lecturer I
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