The negotiation and resolution of the conflict in South Africa: The AHP

  • T.L. Saaty


The theory of retributive conflict solution with regard to the problem in South Africa is illustrated in this article. It is assumed that there are only two parties in the conflict: Blacks and the Whites. A set of feasible concessions is derived for both sides to solve the problem over the short, medium and long term. The decision model of the negotiator in both cases is discussed and tables are included. It was found from this preliminary exercise that it is possible to derive an equitable solution according to the demands being made by both sides. A major limitation has been the use which had to be made of surmised hierarchies and judgements gleaned from available literature. It would be preferable were the parties to the conflict to do this themselves. The analysis of this paper is concerned with a negotiated solution of the conflict in South Africa with the aid of a mediator, if necessary.
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