Generalized models of repairable systems: A survey via stochastic processes formalism

  • R. Guo
  • H. Asher
  • E. Love


In this article, we survey the developments in the generalised models of repairable systems reliability during 1990s, particularly the last five years. In this field, we notice the sharp fundamental problem that voluminous complex models were developed but there is an absence of sufficient data of interest for justifying the success in tackling the real engineering problems. Instead of following the myth of using simple models to face the complex reality, we select and review some practical models, particularly the stochastic processes behind them. The Models in three quick growth areas: age models, condition monitoring technique related models, say, proportional intensity and their extensions, and shock and wearing models, including the delay-time models are reviewed. With the belief that only those stochastic processes reflecting the instinct nature of the actual physical processes of repairable systems, without excessive assumptions, may have a better chance to meet the demands of engineers and managers.


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