Metaheuristic approaches to order sequencing on a unidirectional picking line

  • AP de Villiers Stellenbosch University
  • J Matthews
  • SE Visagie


In this paper the sequencing of orders on a unidirectional picking line is considered. The aim of the order sequencing is to minimise the number of cycles travelled by a picker within the picking line to complete all orders. A tabu search, simulated annealing, genetic algorithm, generalised extremal optimisation and a random local search are presented as possible solution approaches. Computational results based on real life data instances are presented for these metaheuristics and compared to the performance of a lower bound and the solutions used in practise. The random local search exhibits the best overall solution quality, however, the generalised extremal optimisation approach delivers comparable results in considerably shorter computational times.

Author Biography

AP de Villiers, Stellenbosch University
Operations Research PhD Student
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