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Haines, LM, University of Cape town (South Africa)
Hasan, MB
Hasan, MB (Bangladesh)
Hasan, MB, Department of Management, University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
Hattingh , J.H. (South Africa)
Hattingh , J.M (South Africa)
Hattingh , J.M. (South Africa)
Hattingh, JM
Hattingh, JM, North-West University
Hattingh, JM, School of Computer-, Statistical- and Mathematical Sciences, North-West University (South Africa)
Hattingh, JM, North-West University (South Africa)
Hattingh , L. (South Africa)
Hattingh, M, Business Intelligence and Actuarial Synthesis Team, Metropolitan Retail: CFO Division, Building 6/1, Parc du Cap, Mispel Road, Bellville, 7530 (South Africa)
Hauman, C, Stellenbosch University
Hawkins , D.M. (South Africa)
Hearne , H.C. (South Africa)
Hearne , J.W. (South Africa)
Hearne, JW
Holloway, J, Logistics & Quantitative Methods, CSIR (South Africa)
Holloway, JP, Decision Support and Systems Analysis Research Group, Built Environment, CSIR, Pretoria (South Africa)
Holloway, JP
Holloway, JP, CSIR
Horsfall , W.W. (South Africa)
Horsley, D.A. (South Africa)
Huddlestone, G.E. (South Africa)

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